Specialist: World wide LGBTQ+ Travel.

Favorite Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Favorite Hotel: Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Australia.

Bucket List destination not yet done: Potala Palac, Tibet.

Essential travel item: Small Travel pack of baby wipes.

Worst thing about you: Competaive

Best thing about you: I love making people happy and laugh.


Specialist: Everything Italian, Amalfi Coast specialist

Favorite Destination: New York, USA

Favorite Hotel: W Hotel Barcelona

Bucket List destination not yet done: Hollywood

Essential travel item: PIZ BUIN Spray oil

Worst thing about you: Drinks too much espresso's

Best thing about you: Loves a cuddle


Specialist: Lesbian, feminism and anything Australia

Favorite Destination: Melbourne Australia

Favorite Hotel:  a Yurt in the mountains of South New Zealand

Bucket List destination not yet done: Rio de Janeiro

Essential travel item: Dungarees

Worst thing about you: I txt a lot

Best thing about you: keeping in contact with people


Specialist: South East Asia

Favorite Destination: Japan

Favorite Hotel: Lubua State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Bucket List destination not yet done: Jerusalem

Essential travel item: Cath Kidston Beach Bag

Worst thing about you: I colour my hair a different colour every week

Best thing about you: always has time, an ear and a shoulder if you need


Specialist: South East Asia

Favorite Destination: Laos

Favorite Hotel: Retreat 22

Bucket List destination not yet done: South Africa

Essential travel item: IPHONE

Worst thing about you: Always on my phone

Best thing about you: Always arranging everything.


Specialist: Being a dog

Favorite Destination: Brighton Beach, "left of the pier"

Favorite Hotel: my bed

Bucket List destination not yet done: Pet Warehouse

Essential travel item: Doggie Bags, few Toys and my Travel bed

Worst thing about you: I love barking at the post women, ill get her one day.

Best thing about you: Just being alive, darling

This is just a taster of the experiences we can offer you.

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Wouldn't it be nice knowing the hotel you are staying in welcomes you with equality arms? At beOUTbeFREE Travel we creates luxury bespoke tailor-made holidays for the LGBTQ+ community. Every trip we create is personalised and tailored to the individual needs and desires of each client. Our aim is to create a portfolio of hotels around the world. That welcomes the LGBTQ+ community, with equality arms. Giving the LGBTQ+ community a real choice.

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