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At beOUTbeFREE we understand that your time is precious, If you are in the Brighton area and would prefer to meet and greet one of our Travel Butlers in person, so we can help arrange you holiday, honeymoon or adventure, then for a small extra cost we can arrange this meeting in a Coffee shop, Bar, Hotel, Health Club or Restaurant in and around Brighton.


Butler Meet & Greet


At beOUTbeFREE we know we are an internet based LGBTQI Travel Agency, where we do most of our business over the phone or via email, we would love to have several locations in major cities across the UK, so we can meet our clients, but this is something we inspire to be in the future, at present we are based in Brighton. So, We can only offer this service in and around the Brighton area at this time.

At beOUTbeFREE we understand that your time is precious, sometimes you may prefer to meet directly with somebody in person. We have a team of knowledgeable travel advisers in the Brighton area that can arrange to meet you at a time that is the most convenient to you. Whether this will be in location such as a Bar, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Hotel or Health Club. Not a problem, speak to your travel butler and we can arrange this.

We at beOUTbeFREE pride our self’s on getting to know our clients, after all we want to be your 1st choice dedicated Travel Agency that deals with all your Travel needs, with your own personal Travel Butler time and time again.

If you are in the Brighton area and would like to take this offer up, speak to one of our Travel Butlers today, and let’s start planning.


This service is available to people in and around Brighton at present.

*Other areas available on request

*fees apply

For more information call us on 01272 243 059

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