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Born in Brighton, beOUTbeFREE is a unique specialised LGBTQ+ travel Agent that boasts designing Luxury Bespoke Tailor-Made Travel experiances for the LGBTQ+ Community. We scan the world for LGBTQ+ friendly Hotels & Suppliers that welcome the LGBTQ+ community with equality arms, giving you peace of mind knowing that the hotel you staying in, welcomes you & the one you love.  We pride our self on doing this without losing any of that personalised touches or experience you would expect form luxury Tailor-Made Travel company , which is essential to creating your ideal Tailor-Made Luxury holiday experience.




How booking your holiday with beOUTbeFREE works




TRAVEL & CONCIERGE SERVICE, The service we provide.




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Up to date Travel Advise from the government and Equldex




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at beOUTbeFREE we create and design LGBTQ+ Friendly Holidays that are Tailor-Made for you and the one you love, here at beOUTbeFREE we personally design and create itineraries that cater to your every whim, all with the valuable LGBTQ+ at its core, we only use LGBTQ+ friendly hotels and suppliers who welcome you with equality arms. So whether you want to be meandering around the Taj Mahal, scaling Table Mountain or ogling at the Iguazu Falls. Our Travel Butlers are here to organise you perfect Trip. As well of being LGBTQ+ owned, our Travel Butlers have visited 98% of our destinations and are well informed to give you first-hand experience as a LGBTQ+ member and advise on how we experienced that location. They can give you ‘off and on the beaten track’ knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else, can utilise your budget to produce holidays you will remember for a lifetime, all with the added bonus of the valuable LGBTQ+ at its core, giving you peace of mind when travelling with that loved one.

beOUTbeFREE was born

Our founder, Marc Silver, launched beOUTbeFREE to exploit his personal experience and knowledge of travelling the world and share that with the LGBTQ+ community. Having had the opportunity to have travelled the world and experience, the majority of the locations we offer. As a ‘member’ of the LGBTQ+ community and travelled at the time within a previous relationship, had experienced many challenges and obstacles whilst travelling, from pretending we booked the wrong room layout, to acting ‘heterosexual’ to avoid uncomfortable situations, and this was in 5-star hotel receptions!   Marc has spent most of his working life within the travel industry and when travelling he found his self getting frustrated with the lack of knowledge and company’s providing real LGBTQ+ friendly Hotels around the world that welcomed the LGBTQ+ community with equality arms. While Marc was travelling, he used the most common hotel booking sites to arrange his hotels, but this is where the challenges begun. When arriving at these hotels, it was pot luck to how they were received or how they had to be perceived. Upon return he started to get to work and build beOUTbeFREE a travel company for those who wish to embark on a Luxury Tailor-Made Holiday with LGBTQ+ at its core, using LGBTQ+ friendly hotels and suppliers, taking away fear of how we would be received. This combination seemed idealistic but with passion and drive, Marc kick-started beOUTbeFREE to open the world for the LGBTQ+ Traveller and build a portfolio of hotels around the world that welcome us with equality arms. beOUTbeFREE was born. Our ambition is to have a full comprehensive Portfolio of hotels around the world that welcome the LGBTQ+ community with equality arms, no matter where in the world this may be, for the safety and security of our community who want to see the world with no barriers.


Whether you are the couple looking for a romantic getaway, city break or a beach holiday or the group of friends wanting to spend time together on the beach, in a party resort, privet villa or a family holiday or you have just got married and you want that dream honeymoon. Maybe you want to pride around the world and show your commitment and support to your community around the world. We at beOUTbeFREE are here to help your needs.


Why choose beOUTbeFREE?


  • Tailor-made for you

  • Expert LGBTQ+ advice from specialists

  • LGBTQ+ Friendly Hotels

  • 100% financial protection

  • 24/7 emergency assistance

  • Exclusive deals.

Financial Protection

Rest assured that all our holidays are 100% financially protected. Our TTA bond protects holidays booked in the UK with flights. All Holidays with Flights will be ATOL protected & a certificate will be produced upon booking. Protection means that in the unlikely event that we become insolvent; your holiday will still continue or refunded or you will be repatriated if already travelling or have flights with us.


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1. We are a dedicated LGBTQ+ travel Agency, LGBTQ+ Owned

Our passion drive and commitment for our community, creating and delivering a service for our community. We only work with Hotels and Suppliers who conform to equality and welcome the LGBTQ+ community with equality arms. Our main objective is that the hotel we use, is LGBTQ+ friendly. When we speak to Hotels or Suppliers, they understand the nature of our business and why we are here and who are customers are. So you don’t need to worry. We take that away so you can enjoy your experience to how you should. so you can see the world, beoutbefree.

2. We listen to our customers and your needs.

We value our customers, without listening to what you require, how can we build you your perfect experience. We pride our self’s on have visited 98% of destinations we sell, so we can give you first-hand experience of that destination. After consulting with your-self’s we can give you some amazing examples of places that would be best fit your requirements. We know that everyone has different needs and preferences for their perfect holiday. We never sell what we don’t feel is right, After all we not only provide holidays, but we provide trust and safety with our information and recommendations. and if it isn't right for you, we won't recommend it!

3. We're here to help if things go wrong.

We believe the real value of a Travel Agent is evident when there's a crisis; whether that be volcanic ash or even just a flight schedule change. Our 24-hour emergency team provide round the clock assistance and a genuine fast track to getting problems solved, which means that you're not just at the mercy of the 'customer service' desk at the airport! We are with you every step of the way.

4. Our Travel Butlers are experts in travel.

Actually, 'experts' is too vague a term for people who live and breathe these amazing destinations! We love the word “Passion”. Our Travel Butlers have visited 98% of our destinations we cover. Our Travel Butlers have spent years falling in love with travel before turning their passion into their profession; meaning they can make personal recommendations, provide first-hand insight and offer top tips. This means your travel experience with us will be put together by someone who knows every nook, every cranny and every five-star restaurant, remote beachside shack or temple tour that will make your trip extra special.

5. We offer added value, that little extra!

Because of our strong relationships with our hotels, Suppliers and Operators we make sure you benefit from the best available rooms on check-in and where available. Or maybe its special occasion and you would like to plan that little extra for a surprise.  Or maybe exclusive added value offers that you may not get by booking direct with the hotel.

6. We won't tie up your funds, flexible payment plans.

When you book flights and hotels online, they're usually non-refundable which means you have to pay the full balance immediately. When booking with us you can normally expect to pay deposit and the final balance Ten weeks before departure.

7. We make holiday experiences to make memories, with the one you love.

We build luxury holiday experience's so you can be who you are, with who you love. Within an environment that welcomes you with equality arms.  So you are free to make memories with that special some one and see the world as you dreamed. We cant change the laws of some of these countries, but we can change the world one hotel at a time.

We know what you're thinking, ‘don't all Travel Agents follow these things?’ The answer is yes, they should, as this is industry best practice; but often some fall short of the mark.

At the beOUTbeFREE these six principals are at the core of what we do, and it's why we're in business. We work towards them every day to ensure we differentiate ourselves in the world of Travel & the LGBTQ+ Travel Industry, standing out from the rest of the crowd as 'the' Travel Agents to trust, because our personality is driven by our core values: Equality, Passion, Inspiration, Travel and Excellence. Individually these values have an effect, but united they create the ultimate experience you dream of when looking for that all important time away.

We don't follow trends, we set them!


beOUTbeFREE seven principles we work within

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